YouTube Content Match

If YouTube has informed you of a content match on a video that includes our music that has been properly licensed through our website or one of our authorized distributors, you have two options:

Option 1: You do not need to respond to the Content Match. Simply do nothing and consider the matter closed. Your video will stay live on YouTube, unchanged, and simply have some ads run on the page. Viewers can click an "X" and close the ads anytime. Those ads help our composers, music producers, and publishers earn a few extra pennies for their hard work and help us keep our prices so low.

Option 2- Whitelisting: If you would like to have the claim released and have your videos/channel whitelisted from future claims, please provide the following information in the box below and click the submit button.

Note: It is important to provide links. Simply providing us the name of the video or channel makes it very difficult to assist you.

  1. To whitelist a VIDEO: Please copy and paste a link(s) to just the videos in question.
  2. To whitelist an ENTIRE CHANNEL: Please copy and paste a link to the channel.
  3. * = Required Fields